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  1. Significant knowledge of Individual Disability, Overhead Income, Buy-Sell, Key Person, Group Disability insurance and Excess disability policies, in addition to a thorough understanding of the disability claim process.

  2. Successful experience with a large number of disability insurance claims and is meticulous, exacting and thorough in guiding you through the many phases of a claim for disability insurance benefits.

  3. Conveys knowledge, honesty, confidentiality, trust and tells you what you need to know and not what you may want to hear.

  4. Has a long and successful history and experience as a disability claim consultant and expert witness and, provides you with an understanding of the entire claim process and the many “sensitive” areas of disability insurance claims that are not readily known by the public.

  5. Helps you understand the entire disability claim process and develops an overall claim strategy to properly and accurately position your claim with insurance carriers. Conveys thoughts and meaning in language you can understand.

  6. Is a moderator and guest speaker at Continuing Education meetings and seminars for insurance agents and financial planners and, has many published articles on the disability insurance industry and disability insurance claims

  7. Has helped insurance companies with their design and implementation of disability insurance products and is recognized by the insurance industry as an expert in disability insurance products and claim procedures

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